Are you interested in learning Azure? Worried about access and charges when you access? here are is the way ahead.

Microsoft provides a Free/Trail subscription for 30 days or ₹13,300 INR(200$) when you subscribe for a free account. If you are from India and you are looking for subscription below is what you need.

1)Email Address ( Hotmail, Live or Gmail).
2)PAN Card Number.
3)Mobile Number (Verification Purpose)
4)Credit Card (Debit cards are not allowed).

Here is the url to create Azure free account which will give us a credit of 13,300 Rs for a period of 30 days. You will also get 12 months of popular services and 25+ always free services.
When Azure Free/Trail portal is accessed it will take you to below page. Click on the option Start free to subscribe for free azure account.


 Sign in with your email address ( Hotmail, Live or Gmail) and click on next.

Enter the password of the email and click on Sign in.

 It will take you to the next page asking you to enter you details.
About you asks details your identification including PAN Card Number.

Below are details you need fill.


Once you fill about details it will ask you Identity Verification using Phone number and Verification code will be sent your Mobile Number.

Next Step is Identity verification using Credit Card.

Once you provide above details the final step is Agreement acceptance.

That’s all you are ready with your Free Account to access Azure for 30 days or 13,300 Rs. Access azure using

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