Windows Custom Image Creation in Azure

If you had already created a Virtual Machine in Azure, you might be aware that Azure Marketplace Images are used to deploy OS (Windows/Linux). What if you need custom Images (Templates in VMware World) with tools and applications that your Organization or Department use. Below are steps to create a Custom Image in Azure: Spin up […]

Extend Azure VM’s OS and Data Disks

Though we allocate an estimated/expected size of disk for both System Drive or Data drive, we do get into situations where we need to expand the disks. In this article let us look at how to expand disk on Windows Machine. To expand/reduce a disk VM should be in Stopped(deallocated) state.  When we provision a […]

Adding New Disk to Azure VM

In the article let us look at Adding new Disk to a Windows Virtual Machine. To add a new disk to Azure VM goto Home–>>Virtual Machines–>> VM1(Select the VM)–>> Disks. Select the option of Add data disk as shown in the below screenshot. Add Disk Option with in the Virtual Machine. Select Add data disk […]

Setting-up Azure PowerShell

Below are the steps for setting-up Azure PowerShell.Make sure you have latest version of PowerShell Installed. To know version of PowerShell installed below is the command.$PSVersionTable.PSVersion To Check Current Version of PS on the portal upgrade it if you have Lower Version. Below is the link for latest version of PowerShell download.Latest PowerShell Download Link […]